Program Expectations

The Residency year is an intense and enriching experience. Residents are fully accountable to their patients, practice colleagues, and are expected to complete all assignments and submit evaluations at the required intervals.

Residents are expected to deliver our mission of CommUnityCare throughout their residency experience: 

We will work with the community as peers with open eyes and a responsive attitude to provide: the right care, at the right time, at the right place.

Feedback, coaching, mentoring, and peer evaluations are gifts of the residency, along with formal precepting and instruction. Opportunities for personal and professional growth through feedback and identification of potential growth areas are one of the unique aspects of the program. 

Residents are scheduled for 40 hours per week: full-time salary and benefits. Residents are expected to schedule paid time off (PTO) in advance and with the approval of the Residency Director.