Program Goals

The Nurse Practitioner Residency in Family Practice and Community Health has the following goals:

  • Increase awareness to quality primary care for underserved and un-insured by training Family Practice Nurse Practitioners in an FQHC-based residency program that prepares Family Nurse Practitioners for full and autonomous expert care of underserved populations across all life cycles 
  • Engage in advanced practice based on legal and ethical principles and professional standards of practice in accordance with CommUnityCare Code of Conduct
  • Provide Family Nurse Practitioners with a depth, breadth, volume, and intensity of clinical training necessary to resolve issues in the complex setting of the underserved populations
  • Improve the clinical skills, knowledge, productivity, and job satisfaction of new FNPs who choose to work in underserved community settings, as well as contribute to advanced practice expertise
  • Increase the number of FNPs ready to assume and serve in a leadership role in community health settings and FQHC’s