Vision Voucher Program

History and Overview

St. David’s Foundation generously provides funding each year to the Vision Voucher and The Diabetic Retinal Screening Program. The program began in October 2011 and CommUnityCare serves as the coordinating organization. The goal of the funding is to provide vision exams, eyeglasses and diabetic retinal screenings to patients who would otherwise not be able to receive such services.

The community partners participating in the St. David’s Foundation vision program include: El Buen Samaritano, Peoples Community Clinic, Project Access, Lone Star Circle of Care, Blackstock Clinic and Volunteer Clinic.

In addition to the community partners, 40 ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians provide quality vision services to patients. Vision vendors are located throughout Travis County and a list of vision vendors is provided on the vision and diabetic retinal vouchers.

Screening Vouchers

Vision Voucher Screening

• MAP, Medicare and sliding fee scale patients
• Patients may receive one vision voucher every two years
• Available to patients of any age
• Vision vouchers expire after 60 days at which time they can’t be redeem for services

Diabetic Retinal Screening Vouchers

• Sliding fee scale patients with a diabetes diagnosis
• Patients may receive a diabetic retinal screening voucher annually
• Available to patients of any age
• Diabetic retinal screening vouchers expire after 60 days at which time they can’t be redeemed for screening
• Patients also receive a vision voucher to receive a comprehensive vision exam and eyeglasses, if eyeglasses are needed