What is a clinical placement and who qualifies?

Clinical placement is defined as any arrangement of medical field students present in an environment that provides healthcare to patients or the public. It provides a practical experience of working with patients.

The student must attend a school that has an affiliation agreement or memorandum of understanding with CommUnityCare (CUC). The Department of Education and Research will determine the number of students the clinic can accommodate.

*Because of preceptor availability and clinic capacity, there are limited spaces available.

*An affiliation agreement/MOU and a request does not guarantee a clinical placement in a CommUnityCare clinic.

How do I apply?

Our organization has transitioned to a new process for receiving and reviewing clinical placement requests. Students seeking clinical placement rotations will submit a completed online application with required paperwork for consideration.

Please visit our Clinical Placement & Internship Portal (link below) and choose the applicable form for your education level.

Clinical Placement & Internship Portal

The Department of Education and Research at CommUnityCare has deadlines for each applicable term for accepting requests.

Spring Term Deadline: November 30

Summer Term Deadline: March 30

Fall Term Deadline: June 30

Please note all supplementary documents are to be completed prior to submission. All paperwork and applicable costs are independent of CommUnityCare and are at the responsibility of the student. Incomplete submissions beyond the deadline dates will not be considered. Deadlines are critical in meeting the follow-up requirements in the event the student's rotation request is approved.

The Clinical Placement process is a 3-step process:

Step 1: Download the on-boarding and compliance forms below. These are also accessible on our Clinical Placement Portal along with the clinical modules.

1.     Attestation Letter (Template)  (the form must be signed and authorized by the student’s Clinical Coordinator)

OR documents verifying

2.    EHR Access Agreement

3.    Code of Conduct

4.    ID Badge Agreement

5.    Professional Photo

6.    List of Clinical Skills Check-Offs (Medical Assistants ONLY)

Step 2: Complete the Clinical Placement Form on our Portal for consideration of a clinical placement rotation with CommUnityCare clinics.

Clinical Placement & Internship Portal

Step 3: If the request is approved, the Department of Education and Research will reach out to you on the next steps. In the event the request is denied, our department will notify the student respectively.

Please note that the Department of Education and Research will evaluate each application on a case-by-case basis to determine candidates appropriately. A completed form does not guarantee placement. Limited to one application per term, per student.

Be sure to send a copy to yourself for your own records.


Please contact our Education and Research Department at: educationandresearch@communitycaretx.org.