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Case Management

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The purpose of the case management program is to maintain MAP patients in a quality oriented and medically appropriate environment, promoting optimal outcomes through early intervention cost effectiveness, while utilizing community and other available resources. The case management program promotes accessibility, availability, and effectiveness of care. It also strives to improve quality of life outcomes and monitor cost of care.

Case Management Activities:

1. Assist in locating and linking to alternative sources of care and funding.

2. Negotiate fair and accurate reimbursement.

3. Assist primary care physician to provide quality care by offering coordination of services needed for the patient.

4. Eliminate barriers to care and services by providing innovative solutions that will meet the patient’s need in a cost effective manner.

5. Involve the patient and the family throughout the case management process.

6. Serve as an advocate to coordinate and optimally utilize health care and community related services for the patient.

7. Assist in the transition of care with the different delivery points through the continuum of healthcare services.