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Information in the Provider Handbook is current as of the date of release with revisions. All efforts are made to maintain the accuracy of the information found within.
It is the responsibility of the provider to verify that the most current revision documents of the handbook are used for the provision of services.

MAP Member Manual

The member manual contains useful information on the MAP Program.

Community Care Collaborative (CCC) arranges for healthcare services for Travis County residents who are not eligible for other private or public insurance programs. To ensure a complement of services, Community Care Collaborative continues to evaluate services for MAP enrollees.

Through contractual agreements, the Medical Access Program (MAP) provides access to health care through networks of established providers. The CCC is directly responsible for primary care services, dental services, and selected specialty services.

The CCC contracts with Seton Health Plan (SHP) for hospital-based and specialty, diagnostic, durable medical equipment services, and home health services as well as utilization management which includes prior authorizations.