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Network Pharmacies

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  • Medical Access Program (MAP)
    • MAP members are strongly encouraged to fill medical prescriptions at their medical homes in-network pharmacies, but members may choose to fill their prescriptions at any Travis County pharmacy.
      • Prescriptions written by CommUnityCare physicians must be filled at a CommUnityCare network pharmacy.
    • MAP members can have prescriptions written by any prescriber.
    • MAP BASIC members may only fill their prescriptions at their medical home in-network pharmacies in order to utilize the MAP BASIC pharmacy benefit.
    • Prescriptions must be written by a provider associated with CommUnityCare, People’s Community Clinic, Lone Star Circle of Care or El Buen Samaritano in order to be eligible for the MAP BASIC benefit.
    • Note: MAP BASIC member may choose to fill prescriptions written by non-contracted prescribers or may fill prescriptions at non-contracted pharmacies. However, these prescriptions are not covered by MAP BASIC.