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Provider Coverage Verification Instructions

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Provider Self-Service Registration Section I
Registering for Provider Self Service


In order to use the Provider Self-Service Website, you must first register on the Provider Eligibility Registration webpage. Generally, turn around time for the registration process is three business days.
Using the most current version of Internet Explorer web browser, go to In order to access the website and its range of functions, you must use Internet Explorer version 9.0 or higher.
Once you are on the main page for the Medical Access Program website, you must choose the tab labeled For Providers.


On the ‘For Providers’ page, you will see a link on Online Agreement and fill out the pre- registration form. Click on the link, this will lead to the Provider Eligibility Registration page.


This is where the Provider Eligibility Self- Service Registration is located. Please read the Online Access Agreement and scroll to the bottom of the page for registration.

Step 4

Please enter the requested information in the appropriate boxes. One the information is entered completely, please choose the Submit button found at the bottom of the webpage.

Step 5

Please note once you submit your information, you will receive an email indicating there was a successful submission.
You should receive two emails within three business days of a successful submission.
One email will include: Your user name
The CHASSIS Software Web Address
Technical Support Provider Self-Service Quick Reminders
Second email will include: Your temporary password
A reminder to change the temporary password upon first use