CommUnityCare Staff Assistance Fund

These are unprecedented times, touched by fear and uncertainty.  As coronavirus and its resultant disease COVID-19 continues to spread within our community, our employees at CommUnityCare, continue to be there for our patients, day in and day out. We are on the front line of providing care to Austin and its surrounding communities with over 120,000 lower income individuals served annually.

Our staff is deeply committed to serving our patients and today is no different despite their higher risk of exposure to coronavirus as healthcare workers. During this time, our nurses, our receptionists, and our medical assistants continue to answer the call to serve and put themselves on the front line of providing compassionate, quality care to all who need it without question. While we are all confronting the uncertainty of our future, the impacts of these decisions are forcing our front line healthcare workers to choose between their family’s needs or continuing to serve the patients that need those most.As an organization, CommUnityCare has committed to maintaining full staff capacity and employment of our team during these challenging times. However, and due to the extenuating circumstances of the current crisis, this support is not enough for our care team members, especially those with modest incomes or who are single parents.

In order to help, CommUnityCare has established a Staff Assistance Fund to provide direct cash relief to our employees who need it most and who have new or increased expenses because of the crisis.  By way of example, many of our frontline team members are struggling with the additional and unexpected cost of childcare associated with school closures. The rationale for this fund is simple – we need to support our employees so that they can continue to support our patients and our community. While CommUnityCare does have a longstanding program to help with emergent childcare needs, it is not enough during these difficult times.  That is why every member of CommUnityCare's Executive Team has committed a donation to the Staff Assistance Fund. We are asking you to join them in donating to our Staff Assistance Fund.

Thank you for your consideration and please know that 100% of your tax deductible donation will directly support the unanticipated financial needs of our team members with incomes less than $70,000 with a donation of $75 paying for a full day of childcare.

Your charitable donation can be made at the link below:

You can also mail us a check directly to:

CommUnityCare Staff Assistance Fund
2115 Kramer Lane, Ste. 100
Austin, TX 78758