Centering Pregnancy and Parenting

CommUnityCare - Rosewood Zaragosa has been piloting our first March of Dimes Centering Pregnancy workshops. The goal of this program is to improve birth outcomes, increase social support for women during pregnancy, increase utilization of prenatal services, and improve the quality of prenatal education for pregnant women in Texas.
Centering Pregnancy is a prenatal care model that provides unique opportunities for peer support and interactive learning. A small class of 12 or fewer pregnant women is formed and they meet on a regular basis during the course of their pregnancies. Women check into the class and are taught to take their own blood pressures and weights. Differerent topics related to pregnancy and the birth process are discussed at each session. The women have a special room within the Rosewood Zaragosa site designed just for them. The room is filled with comfortable furniture, warm paint colors and accents and soft music to create a nurturing and inviting environment. The sessions are led by a Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurses.
The Centering Pregnancy model builds friendships and a support network within the group. Women receive individual attention from the clinical team as well as group interaction. Participation in the group eliminates the need for regular clinic appointments during the pregnancy. Attendance at the classes has been high (much fewer missed appointments), and women are delivering full-term healthy babies.
A follow-up program to Centering Pregnancy is now being launched at Rosewood Zaragosa. This program is called Centering Parenting and is designed for new parents. To learn more, please contact us at 512-978-9400.