In addition to in person visits, we are happy to offer video visits as an additional appointment option for all our patients. A video visit is a great way to keep up with your health care without having to leave the comfort and safety of your home.  One of the best things about the video visit is you and your provider can hear and see each other which makes for a more meaningful visit. Our care teams are happy to connect with you using the connection that makes video visits easy and effective. In the rare instance that the video does not work, your provider will continue with you via telephone, so you can count on your visit being successful. Once you complete your first video visit you are then set up to be able to choose video visits in the future as well. Click on the links below to register and learn how easy it is to “see” your provider from home.

For instructions on how to check in to a Telehealth Visit in English and Spanish click on the links below:

For instructions on how to check in to a telehealth visit in many other languages click HERE

For doxyme trouble shooting help topics see below: 

1. How to enable camera/microphone

Click on the links  below for instructions for patients to initially enable camera/microphone when logging into doxyme.

2. How to reset permissions to enable camera/microphone

Instructions for resetting the browser permissions if initially camera/microphone was not allowed