Connecting Central Texans to Services in your Area

CommUnityCare is proud to partner with FindHelp to share free or reduced-cost community resources like financial support, food, transportation, counseling, and more to Central Texans.

By entering your zip code below, you will be shown a variety of resources near you.

Tips to Help with your Search

  • Enter your zip code (or the zip code for the service area you are researching) to find programs and services near you.
  • Enter in certain keywords in the search box on the top left of the search page to find programs and services that best match what you’re looking for.
  • There are three filter tabs that allow you to narrow your search by program, personal, and income. By using these filters, you can see which programs and services are applicable to you.
  • Search results can be put in order of Best Match, Featured or Closest. Click on the tab on the top right side of the filters page (below the tool bar) to make your selection.

How to use FindHelp