Behavioral Health

CommUnityCare provides behavioral health services for patients of all ages. Our team of dedicated professionals use a Primary Care Behavioral Health model to connect the behavioral health and primary care services you receive at CommUnityCare. Under this model, you will briefly meet with a behavioral health consultant (BHC) while you are at the clinic for your primary care appointment.

Behavioral Health services are available at select clinics. Please work with your Primary Care Provider to see if the service is available to you.

If you decide that you want more traditional mental health counseling services, your care team can help connect you with longer-term counseling services.

The BHC is not a traditional counselor or therapist, but a member of your primary care team who helps you with problems that affect your overall health. The BHC works closely with your primary care provider to improve health concerns including but not limited to the management of diabetes, pain, hypertension, sleep, depression, anxiety, stress, etc. The BHC does not prescribe medications.

During your first meeting with a BHC, you can expect them to give an overview of your life, any stressors and coping skills. This initial meeting is approximately 30 minutes. Together you will create a plan and identify personal goals to better help manage what is going on in your life. After your first visit, you can decide to follow up with the BHC to briefly check in with questions, concerns, or challenges you might have in reaching your specific health goal.

Psychiatry Services are also offered to existing patients via referral from their CUC primary care provider. Services are available both in-person or via telehealth. Patients interested in psychiatry services should speak to their primary care provider.