Black History Month: Celebrating Black Men’s Health Clinic 

The partnership between CommUnityCare Health Centers and Black Men’s Health Clinic (BMHC) was birthed in 2022, out of a mutual commitment to increase access to healthcare in a setting that best meets the needs of men of color. Since the partnership was established, BMHC and CommUnityCare Health Centers have diligently worked to fulfill the promise to the community to create culturally appropriate pathways to health care to address long-standing health disparities plaguing Black Men and all men of color. 

“At CommUnityCare Health Centers, our mission is to serve and uplift communities of color, directly confronting institutional biases and racism,” said Jaeson Fournier, President and CEO. “In 2023, 86.2% of our patients identified as racial or ethnic minorities, underscoring our commitment to tackling health inequities head-on.”  

Fournier further emphasized the importance of strategic partnerships, particularly highlighting the collaboration with the Black Men’s Health Clinic (BMHC). “This partnership is vital to our efforts in achieving health equity. It enables us to address the specific health disparities faced by men of color, ensuring they receive the targeted care they need. Our work with the BMHC is a clear example of our commitment to fostering a healthcare system that is equitable and inclusive for all and our commitment to working with partners that share this commitment, like the BMHC.” 

In just short of two years, effective, unique outreach strategies have been developed to connect with Black men where they live, work, play and pray.  

“This strategy of community outreach and engagement bridges collaboration among churches, schools, partners, nonprofits, hospitals, primary and secondary educational institutions, and other advocacy organizations,” said Larry Wallace Sr., Founder of Black Men’s Health Clinic.  “This approach has proven to be effective in reaching our targeted population.” 

CommUnityCare Health Centers aligns with BMHC in the work to address health equity concerns by raising awareness of existing inequities in the health care system. Wallace Sr. shares that these inequities can be triggered by prejudice, institutional racism, or unintentional cultural differences that do not cultivate cultural sensitivity.  

“The funding from Central Health and the partnership with CommUnityCare Health Centers is invaluable,” added Wallace Sr.  “Their support helps us provide critical clinical services including primary care and mental health for our targeted population. CommUnityCare leadership has exemplified what it means to be culturally sensitive, for the greater good of our entire community, demonstrated through their support of Black Men’s Health Clinic. We are grateful for this priceless partnership.” 

Black Men’s Health Clinic Recognition 

As a result of the recent work, BMHC has received several meaningful recognitions, including a proposition from the Mayor and City of Austin during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and was named and featured as the Community Partner of the Month by CBS Austin-Telemundo in February of this year.  

A message from Black Men’s Health Clinic: As we move forward, BMHC remains committed to reversing long-standing and traditional practices and systems which perpetuate physical, emotional, and psychological distress, and negatively impacts life expectancy and the quality of life for Black men, men of color, their immediate families, and those with extenuating circumstances. Black Men’s Health Clinic serves as a beacon of hope and restoration for all men of color, fostering “Care You Can Trust”.   


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