Centering Parenting

What is Centering Parenting?

It’s well-baby care for the first three years. Your baby will get regular health exams, tests and immunizations.

There are usually 10 visits to meet your baby’s immunization and development screening needs. At each visit, you and your baby will have private time with the clinician.

You will also have time with the group of other moms to learn and talk together about things like:
• Infant care and self care
• Nutrition for you and your baby
• Breast feeding
• Keeping your baby and family healthy
• How to manage common illnesses

Groups can help each person reach goals they would not be able to do on their own.

“People would come to the group tired, anxious, worried and every single time, without fail, everyone left happy, laughing, and lighter.”

“I liked how we were going through the same issues and discussed different methods or ways we approach them.”

In each session you will talk about health, development and safety. From colic to communicating, from sleeping to staying healthy – you’ll enjoy learning with your group as everyone experiences the first years with a new baby together.

There will be group discussion and activities. Snacks are provided, and there is time for sharing with other group members in a relaxed and fun setting.

To enroll or learn more, talk to a member of your health care team, or contact one of your CommUnityCare OB Coordinators at 512-978-9435.

You’ll be with other parents of new babies, making friends for your whole family. You meet with the same group through your baby’s third birthday.

Centering respects your time – groups start and end on time. Each group visit lasts about 2 hours with your healthcare provider guiding the session. Groups are scheduled in advance, which makes planning for work and childcare easier.