Discount Program and Estimated Costs for Medical Care

How much you will pay for the services at CommUnityCare will depend on your income.  We offer discounts on our regular charges based on a person’s income and the number of people in their household. To find out if you qualify for the discount program, call our financial screening staff at 512-978-9015. CommUnityCare provides healthcare regardless of the ability to pay. Our financial screeners will also evaluate if there are other programs to ease the expense of quality care.

CommUnityCare accepts most insurances including Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP Texas Families, Medical Access Program (MAP), and most marketplaces/commercial insurances. Click here to learn more about our Financial Assistance services.

A patient’s payment group is based on the number of people in their household and their total household income, using the chart below.

If CommUnityCare has not already assigned you to a payment group, or if your household income has recently changed, you must schedule an appointment by calling 512-978-9015.

Estimated Costs for your Medical Visit

Once you know your payment group and the services you are scheduled for, you can figure out how much you will pay for that visit based on the chart below:

Important Notice:  This Good Faith Estimate is based on our understanding of your needs as of today.  While caring for you, our providers may recommend additional services that are not listed here.  Your actual charges may vary from this estimate.  This estimate is not a contract and does not require you to get services from CommUnityCare.  If your actual charges are more than $400 above this estimate, you can initiate a provider-patient dispute resolution process.  Starting a dispute resolution process will not reduce the quality of service you receive.