Behavioral Health Counselors

You may be familiar with behavioral health counselors (BHC’s), because they are usually found in health centers or clinics helping patients like yourself with things like stress, anxiety, sadness or depression. All of these things can get in the way of someone’s ability to function in everyday life, which is why behavioral health counselors work closely with health providers to look at the connection between your mind and body and can provide you with simple and focused solutions you can follow.


What things can the behavioral health counselor help with? The BHC’s can help you lessen symptoms that have to do with with many chronic medical conditions or help you better manage these conditions. Some examples of things they can help with include: taking your medicine, sleep problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, managing weight, quitting smoking, and exercise. The BHC’s can also help you develop skills to better manage emotional problems including anger, anxiety, grief, depression and stress.

What can you expect from meeting with the behavioral health counselor? Behavioral Health Counseling is available to all patients at Community Care as part of your general health care. You can expect the BHC to ask you questions about your physical symptoms, emotional concerns, behaviors, and how all of these might be related. Appointments last approximately 15-20 minutes. 
The behavioral health counselor works closely with your provider. Documentation of your appointment with your BHC will be written in your medical record. Your BHC will make every effort to protect your privacy within your care team. As with all providers, they may have to report information regarding abuse of a child, an elderly person and those who are intellectually disabled or share information regarding those at risk for harming themselves or others.