The CommUnityCare referrals department is responsible for assisting with referrals, diagnostics, and authorizations. For referrals or diagnostics that require an authorization from your insurance the referral department will request this on your behalf and contact you once a decision has been made. The referral department will also fax any clinical documentation related to your referral or diagnostic. Below lists the phone options you will here when calling the referral department. Please see some key definitions listed below.

  • Referral-an order placed to medical specialist by a primary care provider or other provider
  • Specialty referral-referral services offered within CommUnityCare
  • Diagnostic-exams used to gather clinical information some examples include CT and MRI scans
  • Authorization-documentation of permission to perform a test or referral from an insurance company
  • Commercial insurance-insurance provided directly from an insurance company (example: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, etc.) or government agency (example: Medicaid, Medicare)

Contacting the Referrals Department: 

The Referrals Department can be reached at 512-978-8280, M-F from 8am-5pm. 

The following options will be available to select from when you call:

  • Option 1: Authorizations and Diagnostics
  • Option 2: Specialty Referrals (Internal, in-house CUC Specialties such as Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Pulmonology, Podiatry, Rheumatology)
  • Option 3: Pediatrics and Women’s Health

If you are a patient with Commercial Insurance, please refer to the following documents for additional information and guidance on next steps after your referral has been placed: